Newsreader for fvwm??

I used KNode when I was using KDE, which I got quite used to but I can’t run it from fvwm.

Is there some other good newsreader for fvwm? I am not interested in GNUS its to basic, something like KNode.

You have to remember that Fvwm is a window manager and saying “for Fvwm” implies some form of integration you are just not going to get. It’s entirely up to you which standalone application you wish to use. There’s nothing stopping you from using ‘Knode’ in Fvwm, or any other news reader. That said, have you tried ‘pan’? It’s meant to be quite good.

– Thomas Adam

I started with Pan but I like the way I can group more newsgroups in KNode.

When I am in KDE I can open a shell and type “knode” which makes knode start. But when I am in fvwm and type knode in a shell I just get an error.

Do I need to set something up in fvwm to be able to start knode from shell?

I have no problem starting texmaker from shell but knode will not start.