no $HOME/.fvwm file

I am running gentoo and have used gnome for a long time, then switched to xfce. Just yesterday I installed fvwm-crystal and am liking it so far. Its very customizable even without editing the config files. I have been looking through the wiki and all of the beginner guides. I am now following this one which goes through creating a new config file:

The only thing i don’t understand is that i don’t have a fvwm folder in my home directory. Was something not compiled correctly?

Which uses ~/.fvwm-crystal

No – compiled programs don’t go installing files in $HOME. Create it for yourself, of course and add anything therein as needed. That said, FVWM tends to do this for you so I can only assume you’re mixing up fvwm with fvwm-crystal. Whilst fvwm-crystal is just FVWM, it provides nothign more than a configuration set.

– Thomas Adam

Welcome to fvwm! I have also tried different window managers. I have been working a lot with KDE -> IceWM -> WindowMaker. I tried xfce and fluxbox. I have now been a year working with FVWM and I must say it is very addictive.

I also started with fvwm-crystal. Shortly, I discovered it was very difficult for a beginner to modify fvwm-crystal config files as I did not have enough knowledge of fvwm. I uninstalled fvwm-crystal and started the configuration of fvwm from scratch. It is like gentoo: you start building your desktop step by step and learn on the way. I am also using fvwm in my xdm login screen.

This is the screenshot and the config of my desktop at the moment. I must say I do not have any computer background (it’s a hobby) and this is ‘work in progress’. I have the configuration of different parts of fvwm in different files, as I can easily activate/deactivate one of these parts by commenting/uncommenting the Read $./conf/configuration_file.

Happy fvwming!!!

Ok, thanks i seem to be getting it now. I didn’t realize that in my login manager i can choose between both fvwm-crystal and fvwm. I was only using crystal. Thanks