Not Completely Drawing a Window upon Creation

We are seeing a very strange and totally random issue. We are trying to see if it it a problem with fvwm or with our code. I wanted to ask here to see if there is a known issue. We are using fvwm 2.5.29 and RHEL 5.6. Whenever we bring up a window, the window will not draw entirely. The bottom half will not be present, and whenever you drag the window around, you get this error:

This is totally random, and we have not found a way to reproduce it. It just seems to happen sometimes with no solid clues on to why. Looking through our error logs has yielded nothing beneficial. The form does not have this problem all of the time. We do not have this issue with any of our other forms. We have not seen this issue before. It has just started happening when we went to RHEL5.6 (I do not think fvwm is supported by RH). Are there any suggestions on what might be causing this? Any suggestions on how to see if this is an FVWM issue? Any help will be appreciated.


You’re using an unsupported version of FVWM, and this looks like a graphics driver problem to me.

– Thomas Adam

We updated the video card driver to the latest available for Nvidia NVS420 x16, and we also updated to FVWM 2.6.5. We are still seeing the issue below. Any suggestions? I personally think this is a network/hardware issue, but I just want to see if there are any other ideas.


Still not FVWM’s fault, and I don’t care to speculate further as to the cause.

– Thomas Adam