nothing sound related will load in fvwm

I cannot get xmms aumix, alsaplayer, or any other media related program to load while in fvwm.
I click on it to open it, or tell the term to run it, and it just sits there, nothing happens.
Why in the world would this happen?

What do you mean by “it sits there”? That it “hangs” or that it doesn’t play any audio?

In the second case, are you running an audio daemon? (esound, arts,…), does it work from within other window managers or DEs?

Basically, give us more information…

Okay, sorry it’s weird and hard to explain.
I use Rox-Filer, and when I click to activate a program, I can open Eterm, Torsmo, and my other common applications in fvwm, but when I click to open xmms or aumix, nothing comes up, nothing shows up on my screen at all.
I did something yesterday (while I was more worried about getting other things working) that said it couldn’t be opened but didn’t give any details, and don’t recall what I was doing at the time to get it to say that.
I installed gnome (sadly) mostly to take care of this and other problems I couldn’t seem to tackle with fvwm. XMMS, aumix, and everything works perfectly fine in gnome.
I’m not using ESD or arts.

I do have JACK specified in my USE flags, along with alsa.

Humour us, and stop rox-filer if it is running, then see if these applications such as xmms load up.

Check ~/.xsession-errors if it exists, as this might yeild more information than you have at present.

– Thomas Adam

check that you don’t need to set the run action in ROX-Filer. Also that the executable bit isn’t set, since this stops thr run action from beign acted upon.

Thomas, Okay I stopped rox-filer, and still no matter what I tried, I can’t execute xmms.
I tried uninstalling fvwm and reinstalling it
same with xmms
Then I got frustrated and decided to just go and try one of my songs
It’s playing.
But I still see no xmms. Why in the world would it not be showing up?
Perhaps the config file I’m using is corrupt?

Damn I just figured it out!
My config file was telling xmms to not open as an application by itself but to open up in the little player that’s built into the default config of fvwm-crystal.

Now I just gotta figure out how to get it to NOT do that.

Sorry guys… I’m kinda dumb. :wink:

Not knowing what that might be (I’ve never used fvwm-crystal) – I’m assuming it’s probably swallowed by some sort of FvwmButtons instance. You should probably concentrate your efforts there.

– Thomas Adam