osx like desktop

Try to make osx like desktop. I know many people made it before, but…

yeah…OS X is veeery imitaded, but i like your screenie :smiley:. You cant never have too much of a good OS X config…simple, clean, fast. Congrats.

I’d make a dock bar tho’



simple and very nice configuration, any chance of sharing your configuration??


ofcourse i will:) after i’ll clean config :slight_smile:

here is my config

I like this ,simple and beauty,thanks for share:)

bunzip2 -t fvwm-rc4.tar.bz2
bunzip2: fvwm-rc4.tar.bz2: data integrity (CRC) error in data

You can use the `bzip2recover’ program to attempt to recover
data from undamaged sections of corrupted files.

It just extracts 7140 kb of the folder .fvwm/img

Tried downloading with konqueror and wget.

Sorry, its my fault. Try again, same link

yes, now it works :slight_smile:
Many thanks. :smiley:

announced it in the Puppylinux-forum with screenshot:


hey cub, these are nice decors, not mine! :wink:

Hi, cub

I can’t download fvwm-rc4.tar.bz2 file, where and how can I get it.


sorry, i’ve moved it here

got it.
Thank you for your good cofig, it’s really beautiful.

There’s really no need for that tarball to be over 8MiB. I suggest you consider not distributing half the stuff you do. That’s just outrageous.