Pager & stuff [Noob knockin' on the (heavens) door]

Hi dudes :wink:

In my year old Linux history I’ve tried KDE, Gnome, xfce, Fluxbox, OpenBox and WMaker. I’ve used KDE for pretty long, like 7 month, and xfce for 3-5 months. I was always dreaming of my own FVWM desktop, and finally, I’m approaching to it. Well, It’s not quite my own, because it’s based mainly on Taviso’s config, but still it’s gonna be little different. So, I’m here now because I need your help. I have few questions…

  1. I’ve decided to go with 1 virtual desktop with 4 pages. How to switch between pages? I know how to make binding, but don’t know the command for switching to next/previos page…

  2. I’ve messed something up, and now I have windows being focused as mouse moves in top of them… Is this thing called “sloppy focus”? How to turn it of? :slight_smile:

And finally, is there a way to remove clock from FvwmTaskBar? Thanx!

There’s several ways you can do this. You can either use the:

GotoPage GotoDesk

… commands, which you’ll want to use. Note that in your case, with 4 pages, and one desktop, then the commands:

GotoPage 0 0 GotoPage 0 1 GotoPage 0 2 GotoPage 0 3

… will do. Note you can also use “prev” as a valid command, too.

The other option is to use the “Scroll” command.

There’s lots of focusing options. SloppyFocus is what you’re describing yes. You’ll probably find a line in your .fvwm2rc file which looks like:

Style * SloppyFocus

You will probably want to change that to:

Style * ClickToFocusRaises

… which gives a more MS-Windows-ish feel, if that’s what you wanted?

No, there isn’t. Note that instead of using FvwmTaskBar, you might want to consider using FvwmIconMan swallowed inside FvwmButtons ---- if you look at most configs on this forum, you’ll find examples… It’s much more powerful than FvwmTaskBar.


– Thomas Adam

I don’t have “Style * SloppyFocus” anywhere, and I’ve added “Style * ClickToFocusRaises” to the end of my .fvwm/config, but it just doesn’t work :frowning: Windows are still sloppyfocused :frowning:((((

Then it is something else. Upload your config (pastebin it, if you like) and we’ll take a look at it.

– Thomas Adam

Regarding moving from page to page, you can also specify relative arguments, so you wouldn’t need a keybinding for each page, but instead you could have bindings to move you back and forth.

For example, I like to do this:

#move a page to the left or right using alt+h or alt+l
Key h A M GoToPage -1p +0p
Key l A M GoToPage +1p +0p

#move a page up or down using alt+k or alt+j
Key k A M GoToPage +0p -1p
Key j A M GoToPage +0p +1p

I’ve commented out everything from my config, and put only “Style * ClickToFocusRaises” and it doesn’t work, so it’s not the config issue. Also,
if I put “Style * ClickToFocus”, then it works, just that I can’t Raise any of the background apps :frowning:

I’m using Gentoo, version 2.5.14, maybe it has something to do with it?

I’ve solved it, problem was in numlock… if it works it messes up something… Still gotta find what and why :slight_smile:


this is question 0.1 of the fvwm faqs, i think :

That’s awesome, exactly what I wanted!!!
I have 4x1 pages, and I’ve set it up on mouse, so 4 is previous and 5 next, but the problem is when I’m on the last one, it doesn’t skip back to the first, is there any way to make that too?

Boy, is Fvwm great!!!

You will want to use

FocusStyle * ClickToFocus, ClickDecorToFocus or ClickIconToFocus, ClickRaisesFocused, ClickDecorRaisesFocused and ClickIconRaisesFocused

or any other combination fo focus policies. The above will allow clicking anywhere in the window ir it’s border to give focus and raise the window.