Pixmap for xlassie?

This works fine:

*FvwmDock: Pixmap $[fvwm_home]/colorsets/dock_center.png

but when I try:

Style xlassie	NoTitle, NoHandles, BorderWidth 2, Sticky, WindowListSkip, ClickToFocus Pixmap $[fvwm_home]/colorsets/dock_center.png

it just turns out grey. Looks rather silly that my Dock is using the Pixmap while xlassie is just grey. The same thing hold for my clock and date, it is laso just grey. I swallow them like this:

*FvwmDock: (28x5, Frame 1, Swallow(Respawn) "xlassie" "Exec exec xlassie -spool /var/mail/mos -clickcommand kmail -bell -hilight -bg gray")

*FvwmDock: (124x5, Frame 1, Swallow FvwmDate `Module FvwmScript /home/mos/.fvwm/scripts/clock`)

Another thing. I can’t use the a Pixmap for the FvwmIconMan like I use for FvwmButtons:

*FvwmIconMan:	Pixmap $[fvwm_home]/colorsets/dock_center.png

*FvwmIconMan: Background	Pixmap $[fvwm_home]/colorsets/dock_center.png

How do I use the same pixmap for FvwmIconMan?

Of course – what makes you think Pixmap is a style decoration? What is it you’re trying to do, and what is it you’re expecting xlassie to do? You can’t arbitrarily make commands up and expect them to work.

Read up about what FvwmIconMan actually does, then you will understand.

– Thomas Adam

I read in man FvwmIconMan that you can specify the background color with ‘Background’ followed by the color.

Since I can use this:

*FvwmDock: Pixmap $[fvwm_home]/colorsets/dock_center.png

I thought I could do the same thing for IconMan because it looks rather messy when the docked windows are another color than the rest of the dock.

The same thing holds for xlassie I would like to use the same ‘color’ as I use for the FvwmButtons


Yes, but that’s for FvwmButtons. Two different things.

Read up on ‘Transparency’.

– Thomas Adam

I now have it working for the FvwmIconMan too:

Colorset 60 Pixmap $[fvwm_home]/colorsets/dock_center.png
*FvwmIconMan: Colorset 					60

But I still cannot seem to get it to work for xlassie:

Style xlassie	NoTitle, NoHandles, BorderWidth 2, Sticky, WindowListSkip, ClickToFocus, Colorset 60

*FvwmDock: (28x5, Swallow(Respawn) "xlassie" "Exec exec xlassie -spool /var/mail/blop -clickcommand kmail -bell")

Any hints?