PlaceAgain messes alpha channel

Here is the function which rearranges icons:

DestroyFunc DeiconifyAndRearrange
AddToFunc DeiconifyAndRearrange
+ C Iconify false
+ C All (CurrentPage Iconic) PlaceAgain Anim Icon

My icons are partially trasparent (they have shadows). The problem is that when the icons are rearranged, the wallpaper that was visible through the shadows in the old place get also copied to the new place. Obviously the transparent areas should be “calculated” after the rearrangement. The situation gets corrected if I drag and move an open window over the icon. This way the shadow gets recalculated.

Is this an error in my config, a bug or a feature?

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Iirc, you can correct it by using fvwm-root 's ‘r’ -switch when setting wallpaper. If that’s not enough, add a redraw function to the deiconifyandrearrange function.


I think “-r” (–retain-pixmap) is only used to allow roottransparency . So without it I wouldn’t have any transparency.

Do you (or anyone) know how to redraw only the icons? I tried this:

+ C All (Iconic) RefreshWindow

But apparently it didn’t work at all. I could use “Refresh” instead but that looks bad as everything gets refreshed -> some flickers occur. Basically I just would like to draw the icons when they have been transferred to the new place. Is there a way to do that?

PS. What do + I, + C, + M, + D, etc. mean?? Are they explained in the manual?

I = Immediately
C = … Can’t remember
M = Move
D = Doubleclick

C = Click :stuck_out_tongue:

Shame on you for forgetting that one :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: for an easy reference see the Zensites guide, more precisely this page.

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shames :wink:

Thanks guys!

Any info on the refreshing part?? Damn, I wish we had true transparency in FVWM to overcome there small problems.

This is what I seem to have used in one of my configs. No idea if it works, though:

Append to your funtion:

  • I Exec fvwm-root -d

I assume that this still hasn’t been resolved? Indeed it is a little frustrating, it sort of forces you to use a wallpaper that doesn’t have any color variation in the area where the iconbox is…

Maybe a bugreport should be filed?

I’ll just remove “PlaceAgain” until this gets properly fixed. A workaround could be to redraw all the icons after PlaceAgain but I hate workarounds and I actually don’t know even how to accomplish that. I tried it but never succeeded.

You can set again the wallpaper after the PlaceAgain
as suggested by Morbusg. It works but its kinda slow.

I’m a little late in replying – I must have missed this the first time
around. You’re going to just have to use ‘Refresh’ for now. I know it
flickers, but it’s tough. :stuck_out_tongue:

– Thomas Adam