png with transparency as colorset background?

I was wondering if it is possible to have a colorset with a Pixmap as the background where parts are transparent.

For example, I create a colorset like this:

Colorset 53  Pixmap bar.png

bar.png has some transparent sections in it, but when I apply this to a button the transparent parts show up as solid.

I have tried this also, but it didn’t work:

Colorset 53  Pixmap bar.png, RootTransparent Buffer, Tint #000000 0

This made the entire bar grey, not even showing the pixmap.

Yes, it should work…I remember having something like this a few years ago.

Is this for a titlebar?

How are you applying and what are you applying the colorest to?

Thanks for the reply…

It is for an FvwmButton. Basically the entire background of the button is the Pixmap (.png) I created. It seems to work well, but the transparency doesn’t.

I’m not in front of my desktop right now (where I’m trying to do this). I’m pretty sure applying it like this (based on the .fvwm2rc on my laptop :wink:):

Colorset 53 Pixmap bar.png DestroyModuleConfig FvwmBottomBar: * *FvwmBottomBar: Colorset 51

Any ideas why this doesn’t work, or what I need to add?

You need to investigate the Shape style option: … ttons.html
to achieve what you want, I believe.

Ahh, ok. Actually laying in bed last night after I posted this, I was thinking that I may try to use the shape mask as my next try. When I finally get in front of my desktop again I’ll try it and post my results. Thanks for the tip!

Yep, the shape mask worked! I wish it was possible to just use the transparent png though, mainly because none of the alpha blending will work with the shapemask… but this isn’t that big of an issue.