pointer style

How I can forbid to any function or the program to move the pointer? I have written
Style * !FPFocusByProgram
Style * !FPFocusByFunction
in a config file, but it has not helped

Are you looking for

Style * FPGrabFocusOff ?

Its doesn’t help.

I have a button which call function “WindowList”. When I click on an element of the list the cursor moves to the center of the screen. How to get rid of it?

All (module-buttons-list) Close                                
DestroyModuleConfig module-buttons-list: *
*module-buttons-list: BoxSize smart                                             
*module-buttons-list: Colorset 21                                               
*module-buttons-list: Frame 0                                                   
*module-buttons-list: Padding 2 0                                               
*module-buttons-list: Geometry 18x18+170+0                                      
*module-buttons-list: Rows 1 
Style module-buttons-list NoTitle, NoHandles, Sticky, NoIcon, NeverFocus, \   
WindowListSkip, FixedPosition, FixedSize, StaysOnBottom

*module-buttons-list: (1x1, Icon "$[HOME]/.icons/16x16/app_noicon.png", , \ 
Action (Mouse 1) WindowList Root 172p 20p \                                     
CurrentDesk NoGeometry OnlyNormal NoHotkeys NoCurrentDeskTitle SelectOnRelease SortByResource )
Module FvwmButtons module-buttons-list