popup device notification

Has anyone successfully been able to get a popup device notifier to work with fvwm? I know the daemon is working because I can use it with notify-send. I assume there is some way to implement a popup notifier with insertion of a usb drive, for instance, but for the life of me, I can’t figure how to do it. I can make trayer and stalonetray work, but I am missing something.

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Sorry – but you’ll need to be more specific here. What is a “popup device notifier”? Running on what platform? Is this nothing more than just an auto-mounter that does something special besides mounting a device? That being the case, there’s a solution already in these forums. As well as using something like pmount to achieve the same effect.

– Thomas Adam


Thanks for the very prompt reply. Mounting the device is not an issue. I can see it and mount it. My wife likes the little popup notifier that is part of the KDE desktop that senses a media change and notifies a user that a disk or device has been inserted.

I am using fvwm on two desktops-- one is kubuntu and the other is Debian Squeeze. The kubuntu installation is 32 bit and the Squeeze box is amd64. If there has been a discussion here, I apologize, but I have not been able to find it. If you could point me to the thread, I would be very grateful.



So you’re referring to some libnotify or some other popup? Nothing to do with FVWM then.

When I say “nothing to do with FVWM”, I really mean “has no direct means of being any use to FVWM” beyond being informative – and by informative, that’s left to your own devices.

– Thomas Adam