positioning and sizing an application

Hi All:

I’ve got a QT app that I’m trying to get to fill the entire screen. I’ve tried the following styles:

Style MyFoo AllowMaximizeFixedSize, MaxWindowSize 100 100 (as well as just MaxWindowSize)

The problem is, the darn thing won’t take up more than 2/3 of the screen - I get make it smaller (MaxWindowSize 300p 300p) but no larger than 2/3 the width of the screen, and it also starts in the center of the screen while filling up the entire height of the screen, with no style in my .fvwm2rc to make it do so.

so, here’s my question:

If an application (in this case a QT screen) says to be only X pixels wide, and X pixels high, is there anyway to override that at the .fvwm2rc level, or does the size specified within the application take precedence? If there is a way to over ride it, how is that done?

If there’s not a way to override the QT settings, would it be best for the QT screen to have no internal default settings and have everything dealing with size be specified by the .fvwm2rc?

  • Skender


Look at the:

Style foo NoPPosition 

option, and UseUSPosition option.

– Thomas Adam

For anyone who has to deal with QT applications in the future…

the window_name.Maximize() call (I believe it is) apparently defaults to a window of size 760x1024 (wxh), so… there ya go.