Problem with Windowlist

I found a problem about sorting of the windowlist.
When I am working with several windows, in which there is a software called “stardict (version “2.4.3”)”.
the stardict can be executed only one session. If the stardict is running, It will be raised and focused when you execute “stardict” again.
And I found this will disorder the windowlist. for example:
the origin order of the window list is:
0: Fvwm Forums … Mozilla
1: Adobe Reader
2: xterm
3: stardict
4: gvim
after I use a hotkey the execute the stardict to bring it up, the windowlist become:
0: stardict
1: gvim
2: Fvwm Forums … Mozilla
3: Adobe Reader
4: xterm
All the windows below the stardict in the windowlist will be bring up. This make when I iconify the stardict or use the Alt-Tab to change the focus of the window, The window which focused previous can not be focus again.

Is there anyone know How to solve this problem.

Do you use a script or function to limit instantiation of this program? Or does it do so by itself?

By itself. What I do about this program is add a hot key:
Key Z A 4 Exec exec stardict

But I found the same problem with the script below, with which I can get the similar effect.

Key E A 4 OpenFM

DestroyFunc OpenFM
AddToFunc OpenFM

  • I None (“emelfm”) Exec exec emelfm
  • I Next (“emelfm”) Focus
  • I Current Raise