Problems with QT 4 toolbars


I have a problem with the behavior of QT 4 toolbars in fvwm2
(2.5.21). When I drag a toolbar from its docked position I can put it
anywhere I want. However, when I try to move it from this new position
only the vertical movement is working. Trying to move the toolbar to
the left or right have no effect.
Oddly enough, if the mouse is over a designated docking position the
toolbar will move there if mouse button is released.

Does anyone know if this is a configuration issue, or if it is solved
in either a stable release or the newest unstable?

My fvwm2 2.5.21 is the Mandriva 2008.0 version, so some patches may or
may not be included.

best regards
Johnny Ljunggren

To update myself:

Seems like version 2.4.0 didn’t have this problem, whereas 2.5.25 still have…

Yes, and this is due to FVWM 2.4.X not understanding much of anything to do with EWMH, whereas FVWM 2.5.X does. Quite why, I am unsure. Can you get some xprop output, please?

– Thomas Adam