Problems with Window Decor/Title Bar and Buttons

Hi @ all!
I’ve tried to write my own, simple fvwm2rc wiht using the Beginners Guide. It works quite good, with only one great problem (so far): the windowdecor especially the titlebar and buttons don’t work…or I’ve make an fault somewhere…

The problem:
The titlebar is only 2d, meas it’s just a flat, light-grey panel on the top of the window without any buttons. I’ve copied the code out of the beginners guide, but no of the 2 different decors going…has someone an config tipp, how I can just get the Titlebar 3d an perhaps just 1 button in it? Then I can trie to do the rest myself…

Genreally, I’ve the most problems with “make the fvwm look nice”. The manpage can’t realy give some helpful tips for an beginner…perhaps someone here could??


Here’s my window deco. It produces a small icon based on the app icon on the left of the bar, a simple text aligned on its left, 3 png buttons on the right, one to iconify the app the second to maximize it, the third to close it.

[code]DestroyDecor DefaultDecor
AddToDecor DefaultDecor

  • TitleStyle LeftJustified Height 24
    Active (Colorset 1 – Flat)
    Inactive (Colorset 2 – Flat)
  • ButtonStyle All InActive ( Colorset 2 – Flat )
  • ButtonStyle All Active ( Colorset 1 – Flat )
  • AddButtonStyle All – UseTitleStyle – Flat
  • AddButtonStyle 1 MiniIcon
  • AddButtonStyle 6 (Pixmap $[fvwm_icon]/16x16/stock/gtk-remove.png)
  • AddButtonStyle 4 (Pixmap $[fvwm_icon]/16x16/stock/gtk-go-up.png)
  • AddButtonStyle 2 (Pixmap $[fvwm_icon]/16x16/stock/gtk-close.png)[/code]

As an addition, you have to make sure that a mousebutton is bound to a titlebar button otherwise your buttons won’t show up!

ah…with mouse bingings I see the Buttons now!
I’ve got the Titlebar “3d” with delete " +TitleStyle – flat" from my rc file. Simple…
I’will go on with “trial and error” to find my ‘perfect’ config…I’m sure there will be some other questions…
So, see you later :smiley:

Thanks for helping to come so far!


That was bugging the heck out of me, I couldn’t figure out why the MiniIcon I had set to button 1 wasn’t showing. I’m so glad I finally came across this post… but what is the rationale behind this? Seems very unintuitive to me.

No, it makes perfect sense – the mouse-binding defines the button’s existence, so that the button knows which mouse actions to receive to act upon.

– Thomas Adam