Question about FvwmPager and MiniIcons

When using FvwmThumbnail w/ Fvwm(Big)Pager, scaling the window screenshots changes everything including the iconified windows by the same factor, which results in either the iconified windows being the correct proportion or the uniconified programs being the correct proportion, but not both. Can I resize the icons for open windows and iconified windows separately, and if not, is it be possible to include a distinction in the module source based on whether or not the window is iconified so that different scaling factors could be used?



– Thomas Adam

Is there already something I can use to determine whether or not a program window is iconified or would I need to include something to determine that in the module as well?

Next (CurrentPage, SomeWindowName, Iconic) ....

– Thomas Adam

Since Next acts like a list, can I just use n many iterations (where n is greater than the number of windows I would have iconified) of it along w/ SendToModule FvwmThumbnail Apply AnotherClassFromFvwmThumbnail etc… in the function that calls the (big) pager in order to have it resize all the icons associated w/ the iconified windows after it has already resized the icons associated w/ windows that aren’t iconified?

No idea, since the two things you speak of have fallen into obscureity and I have no interest in finding out by looking at the code.

– Thomas Adam

Which two? :confused:

Edit-I wasn’t asking about the modules, just wondering if I could use Next to apply another class in FvwmThumbnail to only the iconified windows but it appears that I can’t use two different sizes/classes(?) of miniicons w/ FvwmPager. :blush:


What you’re asking doesn’t even make sense.

– Thomas Adam

Mah bad. When I asked about something to determine if a program was iconified in the module you mentioned Next, which confused me a bit, since it’s not something I could use wrt the FvwmPager module in this context AFAIK… Espeially since I would need to define something like mini_mini_icons in FvwmPager.c, FvwmPager.h, and x_pager.c., as well as modify the FvwmThumbnail config to use a different scaling factor on de-iconifiation, maybe by using an alias for it and associating that w/ a double click/short cut when de-inconifying a window.

Edit- Btw, I’ve noticed some odd behavior w/ Fvwm(Big)Pager. IFF arora is running, after I use the key combo, a small cross appears instead of the mouse pointer and I need to click on any mouse button in order for the pager to appear. If I wait for a second or so ~/.xsess* says

FvwmBigPager: could not grab pointer in transient mode. exiting.

Do you know offhand what Style option/s (FP*?) I could use in order to get around this behavior.