r080's config - screen oriented

Hi all,

screenshots first, even there is nothing special to see:

workspace - wallpaper suggests I use Gentoo it’s Debian I just happen to like the pic
terminal window with running screen

Here is my config with some supporting scripts and other related configs. Hope there is everything… Let me know otherwise.

My config is orinted on screen integration with fvwm. I really like to have all my work managed under screen as I can remotely log on and continue work etc… I had a lot of terminals open all the time - it was very hard to think about always being in screen so I don’t lost any important stuff that may be there. So I started to implement this.

There are two kinds of screen sessions running on my computer. One named myscreen is screen with programs I like to have always running: mutt, irssi, elinks, moc, … The other named fvwmtermscreensession is for work in terminals.

This one is accessed only from menus, you just click on mutt and voila terminal opens with screen switched on mutt. If there is already such session running in other terminal (on other workspace for example) screen simply attachs without detaching the already running session.

I have two basic keys for accessing these:
WindowsKey+C - starts terminal with screen (attachs to running or starts new) and creates new window there
WindowsKey+X - starts terminal with screen (attachs to running or starts new) and attachs to last created window (or creates new if started)

There are menus for ftp and ssh connections where you click and this session opens with new window running lftp or ssh respectively.

If there is ncurses program running inside earlier attached screen and you attach new one and resize window strange things happen if terminal is smaller and if it’s larger program occupy the space of earlier attached instance.
Scripts are horribly written and could use some more work (that’s one of the reasons for this post :slight_smile:

Other features
WindowsKey+S changes workspace to that with running browser and searches text in clipboard in google (just select text in terminal press WK+S…)

I’d like to thank all those people who put their configs online so I could take a look and have some inspiration (shameless copy&paste included).


Ah, this rounds like something that might prove very useful indeed… Good ideas there!

I’m a bit confused of all those possibilities this brings up. That’s why I posted - I’m not sure where to go from here…

My situation for example: I have two computers, one in my office and one at home. I work mainly in the office but sometimes I need to do work stuff at home. Ideas here are: having desks which belong to work (office computer) and whenever I’m on such desk my shortcut WK+X starts a session which is running on my work computer. Or have some other shortcut (or menu entry) which would “switch” me to working on remote work computer and back. (There are people who manage tenths of computers and run screen on them…)

This particular setup is not that hard to do but I’d like to do something more general so others can start their own setups without too much hassle. (Other ideas from top of my head are menus which list what’s running in each of the session’s window - actually I tried this but it seems that it’s simply not possible to get such information, didn’t try hard enough maybe; possibility to elegantly run more (as much as desired) than presently hardcoded two sessions so you can divide your work, for example one for logs, other for coding… depends on your habit)

Things as they are now are not very pretty, hardcoded values, poor scripting which doesn’t handle all possible situations.

Other question (maybe most important) follows: I’d like to know if other people are interested in setup like this or they find it completely useless? Any ideas are welcome.

I can’t see how this question is relevant. Your config works for you – if it doesn’t work for someone else, they can change it. This is how it has been for ages now.

– Thomas Adam

I use screen a lot, but only to a basic level (and even then, it has proben to be an invaluable tool for the daily work).

I usually relied on my own hands to manage screen, and I don’t know if I could become accustomed to have my wm managing screen, but it certainly is an original and interesting idea.

yep that’s right, I have choosen incorrect wording, I simply wanted to know what would others like to have in a config like this as it can bring new light into things for me
(config works for me, but I want to improve it and others ideas can help a lot)

most of the time I still manage screen by standard keystrokes but once there have been more than one screen session I begun to wonder how to simplify it