Remove something

I don’t know how to remove that thing under mig dock.
As you can se in the pictures its not very nice and i don’t know what it is.
I have used legouts config files.

These images timeout for me, so I can’t see them.

– Thomas Adam

Now should the pirctures working

OK. If you move the dock out of the way with the mouse – does the things underneath it remain there, or follow? If it remains there, use FvwmIdent on it, to see what it is. To me, it looks like an FvwmButtons with nothing in it. I could be wrong.

– Thomas Adam

I don’t know what i did but after i restarted my computer i disappered

You disappeared? Oh, my. Be careful, next time. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

Haha :slight_smile: It*