Removing borders around icons

Hello all!

Today I compiled and installed recent unstable FVWM version 2.5.24, and suddenly borders appeared around my icons after restart.
Before that version I ran 2.5.16, and there were not borders. I haven’t changed my config between restarts.

Where is the problem? I would like to remove those borders somehow.

BTW, I use a config supplied with 2.5.16 (fvwm-2.5.16/sample.fvwmrc/system.fvwm2rc-sample-2) with changed menus and styles for icons.

Edit: added screenshot

Interestingly, gvim doesnt have borders. Hmmm…

If you haven’t got it working yet

Style "*" IconBackgroundRelief 0

should do the trick.

I already reinstalled old version :slight_smile:
But thank you for the reply. I’ll try it once I have some spare time. New Perl is out, no time to loose :slight_smile: