request for a simple config file

You can try fvwm-theme, which has pre build packages that is easy to install.

I think the power and beauty of fvwm lie in its capability to configure lots of aspects that other wm normally takes for granted. If you skips this part, you will miss a lot of fun.

I suggest you read a little bit into the configure file and try it yourself.


which version of fvwm do you use ?
If this is a recent version (>5.10 i think) , I can send you
a “ready from the box” config which looks like the following screenshot : … parent.jpg

The screenshot comes from a fvwm-themes config due to Migo
which is not so easy to retrieve (it uses fvwm-themes cvs version

  • wm-icons cvs version+ wallpaper on the mailing-list).
    It is windows2000-like, from the viewpoint of functionality.

I have nowhere to host the file, but i can send it to people who
are interested.

Harven i can host the config for you. I really like the look of it. Email me at voider (at) thevoided (dot) net if you want me to host if for you.


Thanks VoiDeR,
the config can now be retrieved in the “screenshot & config” part of the forum under the name -> fvwm-transparent “ready-from-the-box”.

Hope you like it.