Resizing and locks issues

I resize windows with Alt + Right Mouse (like blackbox,wmkaer etc), and have two small issues…

  1. I get the rubberband and can’t make window smaller unless i’ve tried make it bigger first. The rubberband is stuck at the windows original size. I hope you know what I mean by rubberband :wink:

  2. Everything locks during the resize. After a second or so, everything stops until i release the mousebutton. For instance bmp pauses the music or if a movie is playing (mplayer) it also pauses.

Maybe this has been posted before, but I didn’t find it. I’ve been using fvwm for years and really like the configurability but this is making me nuts! :wink:

This is because the server is grabbed.

– Thomas Adam

I see, I was thinking of something like that. I remember a setting from TWM that is NoGrabServer, no such thing in fvwm?

I dodn’t think there is a explicit NoGrabServer style. However the server will not be grabbed if the style ResizeOpaque is used.

oh, man… how could i miss an option like that? :unamused:

thanks alot for the answers.

I think no one answered this yet. You can specify a direction to the Resize command and then the resize will start automatically. I have for example this binding:

Mouse 3 WSFT 3 ResizeM
DestroyFunc ResizeM
AddToFunc ResizeM
+ M Resize Direction SE

for resizing inside of a window with the super key. This means of course that you always resize “dragging” the lower right corner. For me that is not a problem, but for a colleague of mine I wrote this function:

DestroyFunc ResizeCorners
AddToFunc ResizeCorners
+ M PipeRead "if [ $[pointer.wy] -le $$$$[ $[w.height] / 2 ] ]; then \
                    northsouth=N; \
                    cursortopbottom=top; \
              else \
                    northsouth=S; \
                    cursortopbottom=bottom; \
              fi; \
              if [ $[pointer.wx] -le $$$$[ $[w.width] / 2 ] ]; then \
                    eastwest=W; \
                    cursorleftright=left; \
              else \
                    eastwest=E; \
                    cursorleftright=right; \
              fi; \
              echo CursorStyle RESIZE ${cursortopbottom}_${cursorleftright}_corner; \
              echo Resize Direction $${northsouth}$${eastwest}"

which resizes dragging the corner nearest to the mouse pointer. I personally find this more confusing, but it’s up to you.

thanks! that was a rellay neat function that worked great.