[Resolved] Targeting lowest window

Concrete situation: I have a stack of windows and wish to bring the lowest window under the pointer to the front.

I didn’t see relevant options in the usual commands, and the only way I see is extremely ugly:
Recursive function lowering them one by one, assigning them a State and incrementing a variable starting at -1 until the window under the pointer has that State. Then lower the window under the pointer $ times.

Could someone point me to a cleaner way to do this?
Thank you.

What do you mean with “the lowest window”? Is it the first one you’ve opened or the first one you’ve clicked from e.g. 5 windows on the screen, you’ve had clicked 4, so it is the first of the four …?

The last case … perhaps with a FVWM module (fvwm-perllib, C) where you collect your needs …

For the first one you can use the builtin windowlist, create a function with the needed conditions and bind it to a keyboard/mouse combination … but it could be tricky or in the worst case impossible depending on your idea …
Some possible option could be CurrentAtEnd or ReverseOrder …

  • Thomas -

By “lowest” I mean closest to the desktop if windows were physical objects. Let’s assume I have several windows with the same coordinates (width, height, x position, y position) and the mouse is hovering over them. If I kept calling “PointerWindow Lower”, I mean the last window I’d see before I’m back where I started.

This shouldn’t involve focus order or order of spawning, this is an attempt at something spatially intuitive. If the stack of windows was a stack of paper: Take the lowest sheet and put it on top.

From that point of view you have to write a small module with fvwm-perlib to handle such sort of window stacks … I’m afraid, this functionality isn’t that easy to implement with the standard functions of FVWM.

  • Thomas -

Thank you very much. Not quite what I hoped for, but at least I won’t search for something that isn’t there.