RMB click to bring other window to the foreground

Could someone please remind me how to configure this in my .fvwm2rc? I’d like to have several windows open on the same desktop, and cycle through them by RMB clicking on the titlebars, bringing them up to focus in turn.

Running fvwm2 2.5.12.

Thank you very much.

Carter Brey

This is the code I use to do what you ask, only I change focus with alt+tab

Key Tab A M Next (CurrentDesk, AcceptsFocus) DeiconifyRaiseAndFocus

so to do it on middle clilck on a titlebar it would become something like:

Mouse 1 T Next (CurrentDesk, AcceptsFocus) DeiconifyRaiseAndFocus

Thanks for the help, BlackDragon. Very much appreciated.