Root menu color ... [fvwm noob!]

Heya guys,

Just tryin’ out fvwm, being a long time gnome user …
I’m trying to edit the default config, just to get me goin’, and then copy some parts
from other themes, to create the *ultimate" theme :wink:

Anyways, I’m kinda stuck. I just can’t get the root-menu to change colors :cry:
This is what I’ve added to .fvwm/menus:

Colorset 5 fg black, bg rgb:80/98/B0, Plain, NoShape
Colorset 6 fg black, bg rgb:90/A9/C2, Plain, NoShape
Colorset 7 fg grey48, bg grey48, Plain, NoShape

What am I doin’ wrong ?


Not much. You’re half-way there. You just need the other half. Menus have their own style options. Why you want to add to that is something like this:

MenuStyle * MenuColorset 7, HilightBack, ActiveColorset 6

Play about with the numbers in the above, so that you assign the correct colorset numbers, depending on which one is for which effect. The first option to menucolorset will probably be the one you want to change, anyway.


– Thomas Adam

Thx for the reply thomas

Is there a link where I can get more info, it’s a little confusing to me

Umm, have a look at the FvwmWiki or any of the screenshots and configs in this forum. There’s quite a good quide:

– Thomas Adam