Scrolling Pager Problem

I use the following code used commonly for scrolling paper partly,

# press arrow + meta key, and scroll by 1/10 of a page Key Left A M Scroll -10 +0 Key Right A M Scroll +10 +0 Key Up A M Scroll +0 -10 Key Down A M Scroll +0 +10

It works at first, but after some of my config file changed, it lost its designed function but restored immediately after scrolling, kind of “shaking pager”

this is my pager and edge related codes,

EdgeResistance 250 10
EdgeScroll 0 0
ClickTime 750
OpaqueMoveSize unlimited

Anyone can helps?

Can you be more specific about what’s currently happening that you don’t want to have happen?

– Thomas Adam

Now, when I press Alt+Arrow key, the boundary of current pager moves by 1/10, then I can see the contents of another adjacent pager.

All I want is just stop here and the screen remain unchanged, but my pager tend to retore to its origin position immediately after I loosen the

Am I make myself clear? sorry for my poor English…:slight_smile:

OK. Well for me, I can move the viewport a 10th of the way across and both the pager and the screen update as I would expect.

If things don’t for you, I can only assume that you have something interferring with it – maybe FvwmEvent?

– Thomas Adam