Send to other workspace?

My config uses DesktopSize 2x1. In my MenuFvwmWindowOps (menu for application windows), I currently have a “Send to…” with a submenu of choices “Workspace 1” and “Workspace 2”. I use the MoveToPage and GotoPage commands to achieve the desired effect of moving the window to the specified page and then send the user to it.

Ideally what I’d like is just a “Send to other workspace” command that determines what the current page is and automatically sends the window to the other one. But I can’t think of how to do this. Any ideas?

So something like this:

PipeRead `echo GotoPage $(($[page.nx] + 1)) $[page.ny]`

On my 6x3 desktop, that moves it to the right, one page. Boundary checking and so forth to wrap around is an exercise in mathematics, and hence left as an exercise to the reader. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

Thanks thomas_adam. taviso actually provided a more elegant solution of using “MoveToPage wrapx -1w 0”, but I appreciate the help.

Heh. I keep forgetting it has that option. :slight_smile: