SendtoModule FvwmButtons communication (ExpandButtonVars)


I would like to know if there is a way to dynamically change a FvwmButtons properties such as color/font from a different module like FvwmScript.
The obvious choice would be SendtoModule --> ChangeButton function but it lacks the support for color/font changing.
So I thought maybe function ExpandButtonVars would do the trick. However, lack of info on how to use this function is not helping me.
Does anyone know any if and how this could be achieved? Would ExpandButtonVars help at all?



Changing fvwmbuttons colors might be easier I think. In fvwmbuttons, you can define colors with Back and Fore. Or alternatively, you can define them with Colorsets. The advantage of using colorsets is that they can easily be redefined at any time from fvwmconsole, an fvwm function, an fvwmperl module or wherever.

But as for changing all the other fvwmbutton properties, I’ve no idea.

Hi phleagol!

Thanks for your advise, it worked in terms of colors.
However, question regarding fonts, ExpandButtonVars and other FvwmButtons properties still remains opened.




This isn’t possible yet without patching FVWM.