Setting up a key binding after an fvwm session has begun

Hi, I would like to be able to set a key binding from within an fvwm session. (I don’t want the command to be in the bindings file because it uses environment variables set after bindings has been read by fvwm). I would have thought the way to do this was to use FvwmCommand, e.g., after assigning values to the env variables STD_COLS and STD_ROWS, I’d like to run

FvwmCommand 'Key F4         A   A   Exec xterm -geometry $STD_COLS\x$STD_ROWS'

but this just generates what appears to be FvwmCommand’s favorite response to everything

Is there some way to make this work. Alternatively, is there a way to get fvwm to read a bindings file once the session has begun?

Thanks for any suggestion!

I met the same problem when executing the command, but later I found this in “man FvwmCommand”:

       FvwmCommandS should be spawned once by fvwm, either in .fvwm2rc file, from menu, or
       from FvwmConsole.  From then on, FvwmCommand can be called from a shell  or  script
       to execute fvwm commands.

       From within .fvwm2rc file:
       Module FvwmCommandS


       AddToFunc StartFunction "I" Module FvwmCommandS

       Then, in script file or from shell:

       FvwmCommand  'popup Utilities'

So I executed “Module FvwmCommandS” from FvwmConsole, and after that, FvwmCommand is working fine for me.