[Solved] ActivateWindowFunc & Kate


SkipMapping doesn’t work for Kate (4.7). Searching the forums gave me the !FPFocusByFunction solution but then the window switch function won’t work:

[code]+ I Next (AcceptsFocus, CurrentDesk, CurrentPage, !Iconic) Focus

  • I Prev (AcceptsFocus, CurrentDesk, CurrentPage, !Iconic) WarpToWindow 50 50[/code]
    Is there other solution for this?



– Thomas Adam

It doesn’t work.

A tiny bit more information would be useful. Saying “it doesn’t work” is useless – just don’t post anything in the future if that’s all you can say.

I suspect it’s probably then down to EWMHActivateWindowFunc. As a drastic cull, what happens if you do this:

DestroyFunc EWMHActivateWindowFunc
Style Kate StartsOnPage ..., SkipMapping

Without any !FP* definitions? Does it work then?

– Thomas Adam

DestroyFunc EWMHActivateWindowFunc is working without any !FP*. When is this function used? The manual says is for activating a window from taskbars. I don’t use taskbars. Has it any other use?

It’s run when the client receives _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW message – which can be when the window manager should give focus or some other action to the window, which can also be when a window starts.

So in your case, here’s what I would do:

Style Program1 State 23
Style Program2 State 23

DestroyFunc EWMHActivateWindowFunc
AddToFunc  EWMHActivateWindowFunc
+ I ThisWindow (State 23) Break
+ I Focus
+ I Raise
+ I ....

Where, any windows you don’t want subject to this are given the label of “23” for the State condition, and are then ignored by the EWMHActivateWindowFunc as appropriate.

– Thomas Adam

I’ve been using FVWM with EWMHActivateWindowFunc distroyed for two weeks now and I don’t see any issue.

From Freedesktop WM specs:

I use FvwmPager, FvwmEvent (destroy_window and add_window), FvwmAnimate, FvwmIdent and the IconBox. Apps minimized in the IconBox can be maximized without this function and for changing desktop pages is not needed either. Is there any other use for this function?


Read your quote from the EWMH spec again.

What’s your problem?

– Thomas Adam

I redefined the function with NoWarp for Focus.