[solved] Can I change the default menu focus behaviar

Currently when I open the fvwmrootmenu, the mouse moves to the title of the menu. This is pretty anoying, as my mouse is never where I expect it to be.
Also when I use a button to launch the menu, the mouse jumps to the top of the menu.

How can I prevent this? I just want the menu to popup without having the menu grabbing the focus.

thanks in advance


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You can’t prevent this. The pointer is grabbed deliberately.

– Thomas Adam

ok, I found how the other configs did it (by digging through the fvwm95-config).

MenuStyle * win

this will open the menu but leave the mouse alone, just as I want it :slight_smile:


It’s actually the TitleWarpOff menu style option that you want, which is included in the win style.