[SOLVED]CursorStyle and ksnapshot


I’m now using FVWM 2.5.31. If I start ksnapshot and press the button for a new screenshot the cursor changes its style to a relative large plus symbol for marking the wished area. Is it possible to influence this behavior via fvwm configuration? It would be very nice if it could be a “crosshair” symbol.
At the moment I have no lines with “CursorStyle” in my fvwm configuration, so the default settings are effective.


– Karl Ganzer

No – the application always requests cursor styles. In the case of your example, ksnapshot will be requesting this “relative large plus”. In the case of FVWM (which don’t forget is just another XClient on the XServer) is responsible for the cursorstyles for the parts it controls (so things like the window decorations, the root window, etc.) Hence, it’s not possible at all to do what you want.

This is a good candidate to be put on the official FVWM FAQ. I will do this later. Thanks for the indirect reminder!

– Thomas Adam

Thanks a lot!

– Karl Ganzer