[Solved]ERROR: Can't find root menu file?

I’ve just updated fvwm from 2.6.3 to 2.7.0 ,then I got this error info in ~/.xsession-errors:
‘ERROR: Can’t find root menu file.’
Search in google I found this error was generated by perl script in /usr/bin/fvwm-menu-desktop,
but my config never called that script.
At last I used an empty config file, and got the same error.
How can I solve this problem? Or is it just a bug?

2.7.0 is not supported. Never has been.

– Thomas Adam

Thank you for your quick reply, I’ll downgrade my fvwm.

It’s not a downgrade either. Have a read of this:

mail-archive.com/fvwm-worker … 02572.html

– Thomas Adam