[SOLVED] FvwmButton's geometry is not working


Hello all

I’m upgrading from Fvwm4 to Fvwm6 and I’m having problems placing the ButtonBox where I want it. I made up a simple config file

Style "FvwmButtons" !Title, !Handles, Sticky, WindowListSkip
Style "FvwmButtons" BorderWidth 0, CirculateSkip
Style "FvwmButtons" Icon toolbox.xpm, ClickToFocus

*FvwmButtons:       BoxSize fixed
*FvwmButtons:       Columns 3
*FvwmButtons:       Rows    1
*FvwmButtons:      Geometry 60x566+1860+590

*FvwmButtons:       ButtonGeometry 60x30

*FvwmButtons:       (Title Chrome, Back yellow, Action\
                         `Exec exec  /usr/bin/google-chrome & `)

*FvwmButtons:       (Title Firefox, Action\
                         `Exec exec /usr/bin/firefox & `)

*FvwmButtons:       (Title StockSS, Back skyblue1, Action \
                        `Exec  (~/Bin/rOpenoffice )`  )

Module  FvwmButtons 

That’s all there is in the config file. The ButtonBox came in the upper left corner of the screen (+0+0) What am I doing wrong?

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance


First of all you should define each FvwmButton as an own module because it’s easier to handle styles per module than global.

So for example I renamed FvwmButtons to FButtons. The Style part looks like thisStyle FButtons !Title, !Handles, Sticky, WindowListSkip Style FButtons BorderWidth 0, CirculateSkip Style FButtons Icon toolbox.xpm, ClickToFocus
For the Buttons part you need one line more]
DestroyModuleConfig FButtons: *
The rest is the same as your example]*FButtons: BoxSize fixed
*FButtons: Columns 3
*FButtons: Rows 1[/code]
The second point is you use Geometry AND ButtonGeometry. Only one is needed. And you use a wrong buttons width and height … *FButtons: Geometry 180x30+1860+590 or

*FButtons:       ButtonGeometry 60x30+1860+590

Next part has no changes.[code]*FButtons: (Title Chrome, Back yellow, Action
Exec exec /usr/bin/google-chrome & )

*FButtons: (Title Firefox, Action
Exec exec /usr/bin/firefox & )

*FButtons: (Title StockSS, Back skyblue1, Action
Exec (~/Bin/rOpenoffice ) )[/code]
And the module call is made with the alias Module FvwmButtons FButtons

That’s it.

To kill your module use KillModule FvwmButtons FButtons


Thanks TF

That did it. After some fiddling I got the buttons working the way I want.

I have other problems and I’ll post those on a separate thread later when I’ve worked with the new version of FVWM a little more.

Thanks again