[Solved]How to get the page numbers of a window?

Currently I use xprop to get the page numbers of a window:

[code]AddToFunc FuncGetWinPage

  • I PipeRead "echo SetEnv w.pagex xprop -id $$0 |awk -F'[, ]+' '{if ($$$0~/^_WIN_AREA/) print $$$(NF-1)}'"
  • I PipeRead "echo SetEnv w.pagey xprop -id $$0 |awk -F'[, ]+' '{if ($$$0~/^_WIN_AREA/) print $$$NF}'"[/code]

I’d like to know: how to get the page numbers of a window in fvwm way?
I mean use only fvwm internal commands (expr , awk , sed would be allowed).
Can someone help me ? Thanks.

You can’t. I’ll add this to FVWM in due course.

Note that looking for _WIN_AREA is not correct, and is not supported by all clients.

– Thomas Adam

You’re right , this function doesn’t work well all the time.

I’m glad to wait for the next release of fvwm.

Thank you for your reply, Thomas!