[Solved] Keep cursor position on window change

On changing the window (e.g. via WindowList) the cursor is put in the upper left corner of the new window. Is it possible to keep the cursor position when changing windows?

This could be a problem with the default WindowListFunc. See WindowList.

Add to your config the following]DestroyFunc WindowListFunc
AddToFunc WindowListFunc

  • I Iconify off
  • I FlipFocus
  • I Raise[/code]
    Explanation: The last command of the default WindowListFunc [code]
  • I WarpToWindow 5p 5p
    [/code]warps the cursor to the new window in the upper left corner, 5 pixel right and 5 pixel down. Without it the cursor stays at the current position. Only the focus flips.

Hope this help.

– Thomas –

This helps, thank you!