[SOLVED] Layers

I wonder how can i make menu for changing window layers; Top/Normal/Bottom.

Layer command doesn’t do any good for this.

What commands should i use?

The Layer command is what you need. Note that to move a window to a specific Layert (and not relative you need to use

Layer 0 N

Dam you’re right, i just remembered that. Couldn’t find it anywhere. LOL

Huge thanks

Hey, and if i want to make Button in titlebar that puts app in Top/Normal layer, i have to make special function, or there’s a smarter way?

Just make a titlebar binding, like for any other function:

Mouse 1 <x> N Layer....

Where is the button number.

Buttons in the titlebar appear automatically when you bind something to them.

Yes, but when i click on it again (After setting top layer) i want window to return back to normal layer, which doesn’t happen, because of layer 0 6

Mouse 1 5 N Layer 0 6

This doesn’t work like i want

Just use the command layer on its own without any arguments to do that:


Here’s what you want to use:

DestroyFunc SomeLayerFunc
AddToFunc    SomeLayerFunc
+ I ThisWindow (Layer 6) Layer
+ I TestRc (NoMatch) Layer 0 6

And whilst you could save the intermediate layer state, there’s no need. Really.

I’ve answered this question a lot lately. It’s really annoying.

– Thomas Adam