[Solved] Prev on specific desk & FvwmIconMan sorting?

I need to realize:

  1. Prev (Desk n, …) WindowListFunc
  2. Sort items in FvwmIconMan according to geometric information of windows,
    it’s ridiculous that a window dockes at the left side of screen while it’s iconman item
    lies to the opposite side, since my windows are not decorated.

Currently I use following codes to achieve my purpose, but I’m not content with the them for :
A. Hard-disk access is too slow.
B. Is it possible that lines 4 & 7 are executed before lines 3 & 6 has been totally flushed to hard-disk?

  AddtoFunc   FuncPrevIdOnDesk
1 + I UnSetEnv fvwm_PrevIdOnDesk
2 + I PipeRead '>/tmp/fvwm.wid'
3 + I All (CurrentPageAnyDesk,!CurrentDesk,AcceptsFocus,State 1) PipeRead '[ $$$$[w.desk] -eq $$0 )) ] && echo $$$$[w.id] >> /tmp/fvwm.wid'
4 + I PipeRead 'echo WindowId `head -1 /tmp/fvwm.wid` SetEnv fvwm_PrevIdOnDesk `head -1 /tmp/fvwm.wid`'
 AddtoFunc   FuncTitleSerialization
5 + I PipeRead '>/tmp/fvwm.geoname'
6 + I All (CurrentPage,Visible,AcceptsFocus) PipeRead `echo -e "$$$[w.y]\\t$$$[w.x]\\t$$$[w.width]\\t$$$[w.height]\\t$$$[w.name]" >> /tmp/fvwm.geoname`
7 + I PipeRead `sort -n /tmp/fvwm.geoname|awk -F'\\t' '{print "Style "$$$NF" TitleFormat "NR") %n"}'`

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmIconMan: *
*FvwmIconMan: Resolution Page
*FvwmIconMan: Sort name

Can someone tell me a better way ( without hard-disk access ) to achieve my purpose?
Thank in advance!

It’s not “ridiculous”. It’s just unfortunate that FvwmIconMan can’t read your mind.

This has nothing to do with disk flushing. So no. PipeRead blocks.

[…snip irrelevant things to reply about…]

– Thomas Adam

I’ll try that.

Got it.

And I have no doubt about them.

Thank you for your reply, Thomas:P