[SOLVED] Problem with Style


I recently got back to Linux and Fvwm, and thus just started a new configuration. I’ve been trying to setup a FvwmPager with the following style and config :

[code]#---------------- FvwmPager Conf -----------------
Style FvwmPager FixedSize, NoTitle, Sticky, NoHandles, BorderWidth 1

DestroyModuleConfig FvwmPager: *
*FvwmPager: Geometry 250x40+0+936
*FvwmPager: MiniIcons
*FvwmPager: Font none
*FvwmPager: SmallFont none
*FvwmPager: SolidSeparators

But as you can see on this screenshot, I still get handles and the default borderwidth.

Does anybody have any idea why ? If it might help determine the origin of the problem here is the config file.


Edit : just to add a little more info, setting NoBorders instead of BorderWidth in the style does work (i.e. there’s no borders anymore).

This thread might be of interest to you, it discusses the relationship between borders and handles and how to get rid of the latter.

Also notice that the “No*” syntax is deprecated, so it’s better to use !Handles from now on.

Very true, but the solution is simpler than that. :slight_smile:

Look at this line:

Style FvwmPager FixedSize, NoTitle, Sticky, NoHandles, BorderWidth 1 		# We want the pager on every page, without borders, handles or a titlebar

FVWM can’t parse lines where the comment is on the same line. Put the comment on a separate line, and all will be well. Note also that the line above it:

Style * Border

Is bogous. It’s “Borders”.

– Thomas Adam

Thank you both for your quick answers.

I still have a question though. Thomas, you said :

But the line :

*FvwmPager: Geometry 250x40+0+936  					# We place it in the lower left corner (on a 1680x1050 screen)

does seem to work (i.e. pager is of the right size and appears where instructed to). From the way you wrote your sentence I understood that FVWM doesn’t parse, at all, lines with comments in it. Maybe I misunderstood, but it seems like it does try to parse them, but doesn’t do so correctly (I hope I’ve been clear, english isn’t my native language) ?

Note to self : don’t try and edit config past midnight or before first coffee in the morning, that leads to stupid errors like the “border” part.

PS : I’ll edit the thread’s title when I get home this evening and have applied the afforementionned (spelling ?) corrections.

Here’s the short version:

Some_Fvwm_command ooohgoody # A comment with something nice to say.

Is not somethin you should use. Instead:

# A comment with something nice to say.
Some_Fvwm_command ooohgoody

That’s all you have to be aware of.


– Thomas Adam

Configuration corrected, problem solved, so topic’s subject edited to reflect that. Thanks a lot.