[Solved]Question about fvwm. files

There are a lot of different fvwm.* pages that can are used, eg. fvwm.functions, fvwm.pager, etc., can I reference my own files within the .fvwm2rc or can I only use the stock ones built in?

I know this may seem like a real newb question, so I apologize up front for this.
Thank you in advance for the answers I get.



My personal layouts

Fvwm Styles

Read fvwm.shadow_style


Read fvwv.goofbar


Read fvwm.shadow_buttons[/code]

There exist no stock files. You can split your config in different files or do all in one. See here for deeper explanation.

Therefore the forums exist 8)

ā€“ Thomas ā€“

Thanks for the info!

This is a great help. Iā€™m really glad to see that F?vwm is still alive and breathing.