[SOLVED] ScanForWindow and Direction are unpredictable

ScanForWindow and Direction are being completely unpredictable as far as I can tell. I put two windows right next to each other. I have bound

Key L A 4 Direction East Focus

and when I hit Mod4-L, the focus doesn’t change to the window immediately to the right of the one that’s focused…instead it jumps off to another window several desks away. I bind other keys for the different directions and the way they work seems to be random.

I must be missing something obvious, or have messed up something big.

Adding in

Key L A 4 Direction East (CurrentPage, AcceptsFocus) Focus

did the trick.

Had you searched the forums, you’d have seen I’ve mentioned these commands a lot in the past.

I did search the forums, both for “ScanForWindow” and for “Direction”. They were mentioned in multiple posts, but none of them had examples and for no reason would I have suspected that using “Direction East” when two same-sized xterm windows were right next to each other would take me to a window seven desks away. I also searched Google and the fvwm mailing lists. I could have just deleted my post but since I thrashed around for an hour to solve this, I left the post up in case it helps someone in the future who decides to, um, search the forums.