[Solved]Slow loading modules

Greetings and salutations!

Can anyone tell me what would cause some modules load and start so slow? Or is this the norm?

I am using Fvwm version 2.4.6 and the slow modules are the same version. Not all modules behave this way; for instance, FvwmPager loads very quick. FvwmTaskBar and FvwmButtons both load very slow. Once loaded, they work as configured.

I even verified that the ModulePath in my config file is pointed to the right directory.

If anyone needs to see my config file, I can post it later today. I’m at work right now, and we use that other operating system :blush: , so I don’t have access to it.

I have noticed that FvwmPager tends to load quicker on my system too, though the delay ins’t as long as to be an issue. It might be because of heavy use of transparency and Colorsets, though that should also slow FvwmPager down. So I think it’s just because FvwmButtons and FvwmTaskBar are more complex and thus require more time to compute their initial state.

I’m just guessing here, I hope somebody can confirm or correct me on this :slight_smile:

I thought of that too, but 30 seconds or more? (I guess I should have mentioned that! :confused:)

You wouldn’t be using scripts with pipereads and stuff in those modules configurations?

Pipereads are known to seriously slow down fvwm’s startup when used overly or incorrectly.

Nope. No pipe reads at the moment. Have not gotten into those just yet.

Here is the relevent portion of my script:

[code]DestroyFunc StartFunc
AddToFunc StartFunc

  • I Module FvwmPager 0 0
  • I Module FvwmButtons Btns
    *FvwmPager: Back Blue
    FvwmPager: Fore Black
    DestroyModuleConfig Btns

    *Btns: Rows 2
    *Btns: Back gray
    *Btns: Geometry +0-0
    *Btns: (Icon mozilla.xpm, Action exec mozilla)
    *Btns: (Icon evolution.xpm, Action exec evolution)

I’ve tried it with and without the DestroyModuleConfig command, with and without an alias, and with and without the Geometry setting.

I’m at a loss.

Otherwise, I really like FVWM, and am having a lot of fun tweaking the look and feel! :laughing:

That’s as lean a config as you can get, I really wouldn’t know what the problem could be, maybe it’s your system’s speed? It might also be something in the version of Fvwm you’re using, I’m using 2.5.12 on all my machines.

If it’s none of that I’m at a loss…

You’re not gonna beleive this: I specified a font option in FvwmButtons, and now it loads pretty fast! I tried the same with TaskBar, but I had to specifiy a valid font for the three font options for that module (Font, SelFont, and StatusFont), and now it loads fast!

As for the lean config, that was only a small, relivent piece of it. Hopefully, soon I will have everything set up like I’ve envisioned from the beginning, and I’ll be able to post my screen shot and config file in the other forum and show it off! :smiley: If I were to show it now, everyone would just laugh at the Linux noob!