Some questions on fvwm-crystal.


I am trying to configure this fvwm-crystal recipe to have the panels always on top and for when I click on a window, it appears on top. Any help much appreciated.

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OK, a couple of things:

  1. This is not a dumping-ground for configs. Either host them yourself, or use a pastebin if you cannot do that.
  2. fvwm-crystal has a mailing-list, where your question is better asked.
  3. You need to actually mention which panels you’re reffering to, and what it is you’re trying to do.

You seem to contradict yourself about what’s on top. Can you be more specific?

– Thomas Adam

Apologies I’m used to forums having a scroll for code. :frowning:

  1. Basically, I want the panels, trayer and clock etc. to always be in front of everything.

  2. At the moment I have to click on the title bar to bring a window on top of the rest. I want to be able to click anywhere within that window to do the same thing.

Which this forum does, but that’s beside the point. Do you elate when your fork you’re about to eat with comes with prongs? No, but just because it doesn’t (hence a spoon) and you can still eat your nice fish dish with it, does that mean you’re any the wiser?

I’m not going to give you the specific instructions on how to insert this into fvwm-crystal, that’s for you to go and find out, but I will give you the general answers.

If they’re swallowed inside FvwmButtons, then you’ll need to find out the name of it, and do:

Style fvwmbuttonsname Layer 20

If not, then you’ll need to ascertain the resource name (or class name) – see FvwmIdent or xprop, or xwininfo to help you gather this information, and style those windows individually:

Style trayername Layer 20
Style panelsname Layer 20

Something tells me the first option will do you if the maintainer of fvwm-crystal has any sense.

Style * ClickToFocusRaises

– Thomas Adam

Thank youuuuu.

Forks give me a sense of deep satisfaction and are far superior to spoons … which, well suck unless your eating soup or cereal.

Either way pingu has got his fish now. :laughing:


As Thomas said you, this question would be better on fvwm-crystal email list ][/url].

It is 2 way to change the config of fvwm-crystal to adapt your need:

  1. You can copy any file from crystal (typically from /usr/share/fvwm-crystal/fvwm/) to you home directory (in ~/.fvwm-crystal/) and edit the copy. You must the same hierarchy and file names, and it is enough to copy only the files you want to modify.

  2. For small changes, and this is the preferred way to modify crystal because your changes will not be lost in case of update, you have to create ~/.fvwm-crystal/userconfig and add your commands in that file.

Sorry to bump so late, I have another query.

When I use:

Style fvwmbuttonsname Layer 20

It stays on top as required but if I want to full-screen a youtube video or vlc etc. it gets in the way. So my question would be: How do I keep something on top unless a program goes fullscreen?

It depends – fullscreen is slightly different to maximized windows, however the effect is the same – you just need to mark those window’s differently – something like this:

DestroyFunc CustomMaximisation
AddToFunc    CustomMaximisation
+ I ThisWindow (Maximized) UndoMaximise off
+ I TestRc (Match) Break
+ I WindowStyle Layer 21
+ I UpdateStyles
+ I Maximize

DestroyFunc UndoMaximise
AddToFunc    UndoMaximise I WindowStyle Layer
+ I Maximize $0

Note that this isn’t likely going to work with flash videos in web browser, but should work fine with other windows under FVWM’s direct control.

I’ve not tested any of this either – although it conceptually looks a lot better than the other attempts I’ve seen people try and do in the past.

– Thomas Adam

I tried this and it worked well, cheers.

Do you know of anyway to allow flash videos to do the same? Is this possible with FVWM? It’s the only thing thats bugging me now in relation to my setup. :confused: