Some Questions

Hi there, i’m changing from Fluxbox to Fvwm, and I have some questions, i’m noob in fvwm =.

1: How i add Close, Max and Min buttons in the window? I followed some examples but don’t understand it yet, can someone explain at great length it for me? Exemple:

Stick_______Min Max Close

And how i write that vectors ?

2: Mouse binding. Left click no do nothing, right open menu and middle open the window list. How?

3: Transparency and shadows. How?

4: Minimization position. Where i customize it? and how i make the application visible?

I think it is all for now o_0.

Thanks alot and sorry about my verry bad english.

I get the feeling you are starting off with a blank config.

To see the titlebar buttons, you need to have some action bind to them.

Mouse 1 1 N Stick
Mouse 1 2 N Close
Mouse 1 4 N Maximize
Mouse 1 6 N Iconify

Where the first number “1” in this case presents the mouse button.
Second number “1/2/4/6” Presents the titlebar button, they go like this:
13579 window_title 08642
“N” Presents the modifier as “None”. It could be also “A” for “Any”, and others. See manpage for the rest.
“Close/Maximize/Iconify” is the action or function to perform.

Please see for good info on vectors and other useful info.
Also see for ready-made vectors with screenshots.

You need some menus defined with AddToMenu. See manpage for details. Or see wiki for defaults.
Then just use “Mouse 1 R A Menu SomeMenu”
Or whatever you like.

Someone else can answer rest.

Yeaaa … ^^, ok i’ll try it but i thought the code bellow is handle to create the icons:

DestroyDecor MyDecor
AddToDecor MyDecor

  • TitleStyle RightJustified Height 18
  • ButtonStyle 1 ActiveUp Vector 4 30x30@3 60x60@3 60x30@4 30x60@3 – Flat
  • ButtonStyle 1 ActiveDown Vector 4 30x30@3 60x60@3 60x30@4 30x60@3 – Flat
  • ButtonStyle 1 Inactive Vector 4 30x30@3 60x60@3 60x30@4 30x60@3 – Flat
  • ButtonStyle 3 ActiveUp Vector 5 30x60@3 60x60@3 60x50@3 30x50@3 30x60@3 – Flat
  • ButtonStyle 3 ActiveDown Vector 5 30x60@3 60x60@3 60x50@3 30x50@3 30x60@3 – Flat
  • ButtonStyle 3 Inactive Vector 5 30x60@3 60x60@3 60x50@3 30x50@3 30x60@3 – Flat
  • ButtonStyle 5 ActiveUp Vector 7 30x30@3 30x60@3 60x60@3 60x30@3 30x30@3 30x35@3 60x35@3 – Flat
  • ButtonStyle 5 ActiveDown Vector 7 30x30@3 30x60@3 60x60@3 60x30@3 30x30@3 30x35@3 60x35@3 – Flat
  • ButtonStyle 5 Inactive Vector 7 30x30@3 30x60@3 60x60@3 60x30@3 30x30@3 30x35@3 60x35@3 – Flat
  • TitleStyle – Flat
  • BorderStyle Simple – NoInset Flat
  • ButtonStyle All – UseTitleStyle[/code]

How double click in the title bar can shade?

For the windowlist use

Mouse 2 R A WindowList

To disable the builtin root menu on left click (make sure you have some mean to exit fvwm before doing so):

Mouse 1 R A -

To just reassign the builtin menu to to right click (probably not what you want), also add

Mouse 3 R A Menu MenuFvwmRoot

If you don’t do that it should be safe to delete the original menu to save some memory:

DestroyMenu MenuFvwmRoot

Titlebar buttons are created when you bind a mouse event to them. A
full explanation can be found under the Mouse command description on
fvwm(1) (the FVWM man page…also available for web browsing at:

To do what you’ve described would require something like:

Mouse 1 2 A Close Mouse 1 4 A Maximize Mouse 1 6 A Iconfiy

If you want to something more complicated with a button, define a
function and assign it to the button. For example, when I click on my close
button, the mouse is automatically positioned over the close button of the
previous window in the window list (useful for closing lots of windows very
quickly). To make this happen, my configuration includes the following:

[code]Mouse 1 2 A Function CloseFocusRaiseWarp -15p 15p
Mouse 3 2 A Prev (AcceptsFocus, CurrentDesk) FocusRaiseWarp -15p 15p

DestroyFunc FocusRaiseWarp
AddToFunc FocusRaiseWarp

  • I Focus
  • I Raise
  • I WarpToWindow $*

DestroyFunc CloseFocusRaiseWarp
AddToFunc CloseFocusRaiseWarp

  • I Close
  • I Prev (AcceptsFocus, CurrentDesk) FocusRaiseWarp $*[/code]

I can move through my whole window list and selectively close windows by
switching between mouse buttons 1 and 3 (1 closes and moves the mouse,
3 just moves the mouse, preserving the window).

Please see … figVectors
for an excellent explanation on how to create vector buttons. has a large list of
vector examples (you can just copy and paste them into your config if
you like them).

I’m assuming you’re still talking about titlebar buttons. To have the left
mouse button do nothing, simply don’t bind mouse button 3 to anything.
To get the windowlist when you click the middle button (mouse button 2),
simply bind the windowlist like we did before for close, maximize, and

Mouse 2 2 A WindowList

Now clicking the right-most titlebar button with you left mouse will close
the window, but clicking with the middle button will open the window list.

I’ve never been interested in transparancy, so I can’t help you with your
third question. I also don’t mess with application icons, but I think that
either FvwmIconMan or FvwmIconBox will probably do what you want with
respect to positioning iconified applications.

Hope this helps.


It is. However you are creating a decor named “MyDecor” with that code. You will have to select it (“Style * UseDecor MyDecor”)or make it to the default decor (Remove all + and remve the DestroyDecor and AddToDecor lines). The later option is more memory efficient, but if you plan to use more than one decore it might turn your config harder to maintain.

DestroyFunc TitleFunction
AddToFunc TitleFunction
+ I Raise
+ M Move
+ D WindowShade

Mouse 1 T A TitleFunction

ok, thx all. now another questions ^^
fvwm have one feature that i no like, when i move the mouse out of the focus window the focus go and i cant write in the window anymore, some thing that i can do with it?

now when i iconfy my window i cant load the window again… i need create a bindo for it too?

Thx =)

Look up FocusStyle in the man page. For a quick start you can try with either “Style * SloppyFocus” or “Style * ClickToFocus”, but if you want to tweak the focus method more you will have to use the FP-styles instead.

If you’re using the default policy (MouseFocus) then that’s the normal
behavior. Try this to change focus policy:

FocusStyle * SloppyFocus

or this (assuming you just want to modify your current focus policy):

FocusStyle * !LeaveToUnfocus

Yes, you’ll need to create a binding to turn iconify off. If you select an
iconified app from the WindowList, it should deiconify it for you. If you
want to deiconify the app by clicking on the icon, you could bind a mouse
click to it with the following:

Mouse 1 I N Iconify off

Since I don’t use icons, I can’t vouch for whether or not this is actually
how people use icons.


Sry i’m real noob, but … why my xmms get a titlebar?

I don’t use xmms, but you may try to do “Style xmms !Title”

not work =
any more tip?

Add some binding (or menu entry) to allow you to start FvwmConsole and FvwmIdent.

AddToMenu FvwmModules "fvwm-$[version.num]" Title
+ "fvwm Console" Module FvwmConsole
+ "Identify window"  Module FvwmIdent

AddToMenu MenuFvwmRoot
+ "modules" Popup FvwmModules 

Then use FvwmIdent and click on the program you want to style. You wil then get an info window with Class and Resource values. See if one of them seems to be unique to the application you want to style and then test out a style command in the console.

Style Resource_Or_Class !Title


Style XMMS NoTitle


Yeaaa … work …
Now … how do the icon’s turn Thumbnails?

THX =)

Maybe it would be easier on all of us if you could just first read through the man-pages ( ) and a couple of configs. I know it could seem a bit overwhelming, so I would suggest you to see through the very nice “config from scratch” -thread on this forum.

OK, I’ll try, the basic already done =) … Thx u all


Note that “!Title” is the more preferrable usage now of negation, especially in FVWM 2.5.X.

– Thomas Adam