Specific matching for style command

Is there any way to match on a combination of (for example) window class and resource? Or just disable fvwm’s fuzzy logic and tell what exactly I want to match on.

E.g. I want to make main window of IM client sticky. All application windows share the same class, the resource of main window is “main”. I don’t want to match on generic terms like “main”, this would potentially match on too many other windows.

I thought about cooking something up using FvwmEvent, but it feels too much like an ugly hack.

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You can match on both, providing the order in your style lines are correct. But not that a style match on Class will generally override a Style match based on Resource.

Then you’re going to have to match on Title. There is a branch of FVWM in CVS that is now dealing with syntax such as:

Style (Title=foo, Resource=bar) Sticky

… which is much more flexible, IMO. See also:

starshine.org/xteddy/edulinux.ho … styles.txt

– Thomas Adam

Thanks, Thomas. The CVS branch syntax looks ideal, could you provide some details, e.g. branch name and if is it actually usable?

I’ve found and read styles.txt already, but I just don’t like the behaviour altogether and, frankly, setting styles this way becomes too much of a chore (at least, for me).

I can’t recall the particulars, although I remember it being mentioned on the fvwm-workers mailing list.

It’s quite useful and to a degree, quite powerful when you understand how it works.

– Thomas Adam

The branch is named experimental_style_rewrite_branch and is from somewhere around this new year. It should be usable, but breaks compability with the order styles override each other. But given that you know what you do (i.e, not just plug in a unchanged config that depend on the old logic, and try to add some of the new logic to it) it should be usable.