startup notification problem

i’m using the BusyCursor command and a little “waiting” function to launch my apps from the menu and modify the cursor state when loading but i’ve noticed that when i try to launch an app with a wrong ressource or class name, the cursor waits the application to appear indefinitly and i must restart Fvwm…
So my question is: is there a way to put a timeout or verify that the class/ressource name is good ? or any other mean… :slight_smile:

This is my function:



Use like this: LaunchApp command class/ressource

DestroyFunc LaunchApp
AddToFunc LaunchApp

  • I Exec $0
  • I Wait $1[/code]

thank you !


Indeed. But what your function doesn’t do is define what is to happen after the window has been mapped. So really, the Wait command is superfluous. What is it you’re trying to do with the window once you’ve waited for it? If it’s nothing, then I would either add “+ I Nop”, or more accurately, I’d just use “+ I Schedule 1000 Nop” in place of the Wait command.

Good for what? The class and resource of a window won’t change – it’s set by that application at the time it is instantiated. If you’d be more specific about what you’re wanting to do, I could probably advise either way. But right now, with what you’ve described, you really want to use the “Schedule” command.

You need to also remember something quite important:

Wait only uses the window name to match against.

– Thomas Adam

My function is just made to launch my applis with start notification (the mouse cursor looks different when the application is started and return to normal state when the app appears on screen… am i clear enough ? sorry i’m french :wink: )
I use the “Wait” command because i use the “BusyCursor Wait True”, so if i replace “+ I Wait $1” by “+ I Nop” the cursor look doesn’t change anymore during the loading process.
The reason why i’m asking such a feature is because sometimes i update some apps, like OpenOffice, which release number is included in the ressource or class name, so the ressource name is changing. And, after the update, i forget sometimes to modify the class/ressource name in my fvwm menu configuration file, so when i start the app, the function is “waiting” for the application with class/ressource “ 1.1.4” to appear undefinitely, but the app that i’ve started is “ 1.1.5”…

please tell me that you understand me :wink:
my vocabulary is a bit poor in english… really sorry…