Strange behavior

HI all,
I started noticing this behavior only on my desktop machine, which has the exact same .fvwm2rc as my laptop, on which the problem does not occur. The problem is that randomly after a while the Focus will stop recognizing my clicks. I can’t switch to other windows, and Alt+Tab does not show the switch-window list, but just inserts a Tab into the current window. if i switch to a different workspace the focus also stays in the current window. I can get out of it by quitting fvwm and loggin back in. Restarting doesn’t help.
Is this a known bug, and do i need to provide some config files? Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thank you


if restarting doesn’t help, I’d say it’s not fvwm-related but related to one of the programs you’re using or related to X.

That sounds suspiciously like fvwm faq 0.01…

No it’s none of that. The keys and mouse work fine, I just can’t change the Focus of my window. I’ll reinstall some libs and see what happens.

Okay, but whenever someone says “xxx starts happening at random”, it is almost certainly faq 0.01, the behaviour can be confusing if you werent expecting it.

I would make sure you have checked it before trying to reinstall anything :slight_smile:

It would have been useful to know which focus mechanism was being used, too, as sloppyfocus inparticular does exhibit some of these symptoms – but that’s not usually application specific, and is more a symptom of Enter and Leave Events.

– Thomas Adam