swallow problem

i have a flashplayer(stand alone version), and i want using this programme to display a flash clock within fvwmbuttons. swallow does not work. how…or if can not be done?

Why don’t you show us what you have tried to do? That would be easier both on yourself and those that will answer your question, since they’ll have something to work with.

– Thomas Adam

ok, i paste those code to show

#*DockButtons: (2x2,Swallow "xclock" "Exec exec xclock -analog") *DockButtons: (2x2,Swallow "flashplayer" "Exec exec ~/flashplayer ~/clock.swf")

and the flashplayer is displayed the flash clock with a normal window style, nornal title and board. and the “flashplayer --help” show not such as titleless parameter could be add. flashplayer is a binary execute file, from macromedia.com. so has not ‘man’ existed.

the button of course is blank.

if we can use a flash clock, i think is a beautiful button.


What would you normally type at the command line to launch your flash clock?