Swallow the output of "watch acpi -V"

It’ a couple of days that I’using this great config from chojin:

Since I’m using a laptop I’d like to swallow in a popup menu the output of “watch acpi -V” wich shows the state and the charge of battery and also the temperatures…

[code]Every 2,0s: acpi -V Mon May 22 20:05:22 2006

 Battery 1: charged, 101%
 Thermal 1: ok, 73.0 degrees C
 Thermal 2: ok, 55.0 degrees C
 Thermal 3: ok, 55.0 degrees C
 Thermal 4: ok, 55.0 degrees C

AC Adapter 1: on-line

I’d like to swallow it in a popup wich looks like the pager one (this is from the original config):

[code]DestroyModuleConfig FvwmPager: *

*FvwmPager: Colorset * 20
*FvwmPager: HilightColorset * 21
*FvwmPager: WindowColorsets 23 22
*FvwmPager: BalloonColorset * 23
*FvwmPager: Font none
*FvwmPager: SmallFont none
*FvwmPager: Balloons All
*FvwmPager: BalloonFont “Shadow=0 1 SE:xft:Arial:pixelsize=11”
*FvwmPager: BalloonYOffset +4
*FvwmPager: BalloonBorderWidth 1
*FvwmPager: UseSkipList
*FvwmPager: MoveThreshold 0
*FvwmPager: SolidSeparators
*FvwmPager: WindowBorderWidth 1

DestroyModuleConfig PagerButtons
*PagerButtons: Colorset 50
*PagerButtons: Geometry 12x80-0+360
*PagerButtons: Columns 12
*PagerButtons: Rows 80
*PagerButtons: Frame 0
*PagerButtons: Padding 0 0
*PagerButtons: (12x10, Icon $[fvwm_buttons]/pager1.png)
*PagerButtons: (12x60, Icon $[fvwm_buttons]/pager2.png, Panel(left, delay 100, steps 2) PagerPanel, “Module FvwmButtons -g -30000-30000 -transientpanel PagerPanel”)
*PagerButtons: (12x10, Icon $[fvwm_buttons]/pager3.png)

DestroyModuleConfig PagerPanel
*PagerPanel: Colorset 50
*PagerPanel: Geometry 172x60-0+370
*PagerPanel: Columns 172
*PagerPanel: Rows 60
*PagerPanel: Frame 0
*PagerPanel: Padding 0 0
*PagerPanel: (12x60, Icon $[fvwm_buttons]/pager4.png )
*PagerPanel: (160x60, Swallow “FvwmPager” ‘FvwmPager’ )


In the image you can see where I’d like to put it.

Can anybody help me?

P.s. this is my first post in this forum, I hope to have posted in the right section…

Use FvwmScript – examples of which are alread on these forums.

– Thomas Adam