swallowing conky 1.4.7

I have problems swallowing conky into FvwmButtons after updating it to version 1.4.7. It just starts as a normal unswallowed application. I am not able to get any debug information, any suggestions how to solve this (or at least how to get some debug information)? thanks

Your FvwmButtons configuration, for heaven’s sake.

– Thomas Adam

eh, sorry, didn’t think it was important, as it worked until this update…

DestroyModuleConfig Dash: *
*Dash: Geometry 1280x160+0-1
*Dash: BoxSize smart
*Dash: Colorset 15
*Dash: Rows 5
*Dash: Columns 40
*Dash: Padding 0 0
*Dash: Frame 0
*Dash: (11x4, Swallow "conky" `Exec exec conky`)

space “reserved” for conky is 352x128 and actual conky size is 326x110

ok, now I see the problem. conky changed resource from “conky” to “Conky”. it’s working now, sorry for bothering…