Switch between two pagers

I think this problem is more complicated for me to describe than it is to solve, at least for me that doesn’t have english as a natural language, but i try my best to be as detaljed as possible here.

I have adopeted and rewritten (quite much) some code to have a full screen fvwmpager with previewed miniicons of running programs
Also i have a fvwmpager that shows up when i hit any edge of the screen.
The Problem is, if i want to use both - i got locked with the big pager, The programs in the big pager are clickable and shows up, but the big fvwmpager never dissapair.
This doesn’t tells much about my problem, eh.?
To be more specific - here is Screenshots and code

First - my config file

IgnoreModifiers L25
Mouse 3 R N FuncGotoPager

read /home/peter/.fvwm/Misc_1
read /home/peter/.fvwm/DeskTopS

read /home/peter/.fvwm/BigPager
#read /home/peter/.fvwm/EdgePager

This One works well if i not have The FvwmPagerEdge (that resist in the file EdgePager -i will clean that up the names in the future) activated at the same time
picture: img212.imageshack.us/my.php?imag … gervp4.png
code: rafb.net/p/HADhwX23.html

Also i have a config file for a Fvwmpager that pops up when i hit any edge if the screen, its named differently to not disturb/get disturbed of the other fvwmpager configuration.
To use it - i have to swap the comment

#read /home/peter/.fvwm/BigPager
read /home/peter/.fvwm/EdgePager
 picture: [img214.imageshack.us/my.php?imag ... gerzg4.png](http://img214.imageshack.us/my.php?image=edgepagerzg4.png)
 code: [rafb.net/p/vobVNG74.html](http://rafb.net/p/vobVNG74.html)

I use a file for the default Settings for desktops backgrounds and such
code: rafb.net/p/6Y7PJO89.html

My target is to have full screen pager to pop up when i rightclick on the desktop and when i hit the edge the other pager (FvwmPagerEdge) shall pop up.
So then i uncomment both Lines in my config.

read /home/peter/.fvwm/BigPager
read /home/peter/.fvwm/EdgePager

But, there comes my problem
code: img338.imageshack.us/my.php?imag … gerkd1.png
As you can see, i have the EdgePager in the bottom of the screen (i had the mouse there so it showed up there) and the fullscreen FvwmPager both at same time, that is how they shows up when i start/restart fvwm - and i dosn’t seems to get the big pager to dissapair, . But the running programs are still clickabele and shows up, as you can see on the terminal window.

Also, i made a smaller version of the Big sized fvwmPager - in the file BigPager i swapped

		*FvwmPager: Geometry $[FvwmPagerWidth]x$[FvwmPagerHeight]+0+0
#		*FvwmPager: Geometry 360x360+0+0


#		*FvwmPager: Geometry $[FvwmPagerWidth]x$[FvwmPagerHeight]+0+0
		*FvwmPager: Geometry 360x360+0+0
 picture: [img338.imageshack.us/my.php?imag ... eparp4.png](http://img338.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bigpagermadesmalledgeparp4.png)

The problem is still there, with the only change that i now can access the desktop because the Big fvwmpager now has become smaller…

About this line in my config.-file

read /home/peter/.fvwm/Misc_1

ahh, the only code in there is

Style "*" ClickToFocus

Which i needed to access scrot when my terminal window not was in focus to get the photos for this story :slight_smile:

I can’t get to the configurations you linked to.
Also, the read-commands only lists the names of the files which contents you suck into the main configuration file (ie. listing them is not useful for us to be able to help you. The actual contents of those files is). Pastebin.

Arghhh, did they remove it that soon.
Thank you for telling me.

Here is the Desktops file again.
Here is the BigPager File again

I skip to paste the links to the Edgepager File - its quite big, and i found that the same problem appears even if i just make a simpler and more readable FvwmPager-configuration, which i put into my config file. So i paste the code for my config file instead.

Here is my config File

IgnoreModifiers L25

read /home/peter/.fvwm/Misc_1 #Only keeps the code for my Focus Control, i will rename the file and put more stuff in there later.

read /home/peter/.fvwm/DeskTopS
#read /home/peter/.fvwm/BigPager

#If i comemnt FvwmPagerTest- then i got no problem using Configuration in the BigPager-file, if FvwmPageTest uncommented when i  read the
# configuration in the BigPager File as well - then i end up with The BigPager and no access to the desktop(s).

DestroyStyle FvwmPager FvwmPagerTest
Style FvwmPager FvwmPagerTst  NoTitle, StaysOnTop, !Borders
*FvwmPagerTest Rows 3
*FvwmPagerTest Columns 3

Mouse 3 R N FuncGotoPager #This Function resists in the BigPager File.
Mouse 2 R N module FvwmPager FvwmPagerTest 0 8 -transient

I hope some one have patience read through this code - all critics about the code is appricated.
i suppose there should be no problem for the most of you to read through.the code in my BigPager and in the DesktopS Files -but if you feel its to much unessecary stuff for you to read in the code, then i just tell me to shorten it.

Thanks in Advance

Please forget this thread - i will try simplyfie my configs to get them more readable and then ask again.


Well, I glanced through the code, and here are some of my thoughts.
For what you are after, you need two FvwmPager -modules running. This is obvious. It would be nice to alias them both. For example “BigPager” and “EdgePager”. You do that on launch. When I say alias, I mean “name”.

[code]AddToFunc StartFunction

  • I FvwmPager BigPager
  • I FvwmPager EdgePager
    Or, in your case where you use another function inside the StartFunction, just alias them in the InitPager function.

Btw, I’m not sure if it works with spaces in the alias, if it does, I’d gather you’d need to quote it. But you’re better off without using some string with spaces as the name anyway.
Then, give them definitions by their alias:

*BigPager: Geometry blahblah
*EdgePager: Geometry blahblah

And style it using:

Style BigPager blahblah

I would guess that using a fullscreen pager with generated screenshots for mini-icons could be kinda heavy…

I have Rewritten the init Function.
This is how i Use it.
In the EdgePager File

DestroyFunc InitEdgePager
AddToFunc InitEdgePager
	+ I ModuleSynchronous FvwmPager FvwmEdgePager 0 8
AddToFunc StartFunction I InitEdgePager

And Similar in The BigPager File - to get them as isolated as possible, until i am done with a functional configuration for them both.

Not that much, it shows up faster than the most gui apps -for example the editors kate, scite, gnat-gps. And much faster than the firefox breowser.
Fast enough to have a large view the times when you need to move windows and programs around, or if you just want to show off :slight_smile:
Here is the latest link i know about for that program, viewtopic.php?t=190
If not any one know any more updated version of it.
Not to i feel it need an update, it works well but- the link is from inside the sourcefile and points to a discussion where the last post was in Januari 2006…

But it’s to slow to use all the time, therefore i need the EdgePager as well.

In fact - it Shows up on top of the BigPager - and it moves to the edge where i put the mouse, but it doesn’t show up when i am on a desktop.

The program i meant is the thumb.binary file whch i am using for the generated screenshots for mini-icon.

The code for the thumb binary file is in that thread, and here is the Fvwm-configuration which i tried out and also adopted some code from to get the BigPager to work.

(big) Parts of that code in turn seems to be kinda adopted from this thread.

Accidently i deleted the files, so i had to rewrite old code - and now it works.

Thankyou morbusg for the he time you spent helping me,

My problem was that i didn’t get the EdgePager to work as soon as i was on a Desktop.
I forgotten to use the Sticky Option.